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Realizzazione di impianti fotovoltaici
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Leading company in development and installation
of photovoltaic systems

360° design and installation - EPC - Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Impianti fotovoltaici chiavi in mano

ACN Contract works by developing large photovoltaic systems throughout the national territory and guaranteeing their feasibility in a short time and always in compliance with current regulations. The process followed is particularly detailed as behind the construction of a photovoltaic system there is always a careful and precise scouting and planning activity.

Design, installation and maintenance of residential and industrial systems, network manager / GSE practices and everything else necessary in order to connect and make your system operational, having a single interlocutor. Concessionary and personalized financing on site.


The agrovoltaic system we propose is based on five fundamental concepts:

  • Energy transition
    Our planet is overheating, the data collected shows that in 2020 the average temperature rose by about one degree compared to previous years. Global warming triggers numerous climate changes that cause incalculable damage. The scientific community attributes the cause to gas emissions. The Cop26 held in Glasgow in November 2021, ratified the commitment to achieve NetZero, i.e. the need to reduce climate-changing emissions to zero by 2050, the so-called Carbon Neutrality, in order to contain the problem of climate change. To achieve the set objective it is necessary to replace the current sources of energy production, based on fossil fuels, with green sources, ie with low environmental impact, consisting of renewables. In Italy, agrovoltaic can represent a strong point, by virtue of the high solar radiation.

  • Enhancement of land
    many lands nowadays are abandoned, as property of heirs or professionals who, due to lack of time, do not use/cultivate their own land, with the agro-voltaic system we can enhance the land by giving it new life (add photo)

  • Financial support
    the agrovoltaic system makes it possible to provide financial support to farmers and farms, since an annual fee will be added to the income received from their main activities, i.e. cultivation.

  • Generate employment
    this system makes it possible to generate employment, from the salesmen who work with us, to the designers and technicians, passing through the administrative staff and reaching the manpower for the construction and maintenance of the systems, as well as the farmers and farms that will manage and guarantee the continuation of the agricultural production.

  • Disposal
    Although the agrovoltaic system is completely recyclable, for the issue of building permits we must guarantee the disposal of all the materials used.


Our commitment is to recycle materials that have reached the end of their life. ​ We didn't inherit the world from our parents, we borrowed it from our children, help us preserve it!

A painstaking job

The work comes fromsearch for suitable sites, agricultural and/or industrial, allowing a direct relationship with the customer in order to provide advice aimed at illustrating and disseminating all thepotential of a photovoltaic system. We thus aspire to obtain maximum productivity and all the authorizations necessary for the construction of the plant. 

Our strength? Acomplete 360° design, all by offering the necessary commercial, technical and legal advice, to ensure durability and performance over the years.

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