Renewable energies

Specialized in the realization of “turnkey” photovoltaic systems. We also make state-of-the-art systems with Eolan, Biomass / Biogas technology.

ACN Contract has designed and installed photovoltaic and wind power plants for several investors

Photovoltaic purpose

At the end of the inspection carried out by the ACN Contract Managers, the definitive proposal will be elaborated considering that the choice of the recommended surfaces and powers will result from a preliminary study on expected profitability, in which the possible technological and installation alternatives have been evaluated.

The investment is to be considered “turnkey” up to the point of delivery of the electricity distributor.

For possible financing, the Customer can contact either his own bank or he can avail himself of the proposal provided by the ACN Contract through several of the main financial operators.

The realization of a photovoltaic system allows, for the purpose of an economic valorization, to add the benefits deriving from: – the sale of the energy produced (if not entirely consumed) “SSP” – the savings on the bill deriving from the self-consumption of the energy produced.

Some examples of construction of plants with renewable energy