Construction and professional renovations

ACN Contract offers decades of experience in the field of building construction, renovation and construction in general, has become popular very popular and appreciated.

ACN Contract was born to offer services in the field of construction and renovation, offers an impeccable service from design to delivery of the finished work: private houses, villas, buildings, industrial warehouses and construction works of all kinds are built with quality materials .

ACN Contract also deals with road works – plant engineering – waterproofing and renovation of buildings of various kinds.

Quality and reliability

The professionals who work at our company are involved in the implementation of turnkey renovations, starting from the design and the study of materials, ending up in the distribution of the interiors, without neglecting the search for ideal solutions for the recovery of environments.

ACN Contract has been offering a complete renovation service for years and it relies only on highly qualified and constantly updated personnel who aim to satisfy every customer: both in the realization of new projects and in the renovation of existing buildings, they are carefully selected the best building materials in order to deliver a final product that is qualitatively excellent and reliable.

Some examples of renovations, buildings and infrastructures